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I am now carrying CBD oil in my office.


My oil comes in tincture, sublingual form. I have 500 mg bottles, which I recommend for kids and teens, or adults with less chronic issues. I have 750 mg bottles, which I recommend for adults with more chronic issues, such as chronic pain, mood disorders, sleep problems, autoimmune… I carry CBD with 0.03% THC, which does NOT cause a high. You get all the benefits of cannabis without the high. I also carry 100% THC free CBD oil!


I carry CBD for pets and pet treats as well. We love out pets too!


I carry CBD face creams, one is a daily moisturizer called RENEW cream and the other is for night time repair called REVIVE. Each contain powerful ingredients along with CBD oil.Web


My oils are all organic, ZERO fillers, carried with hemp seed oil for purity, and are full spectrum. All of these aspects are key for superior CBD oil. The purity of the oil must not be compromised!

500 mg bottles are $78 when paid in cash. A $2 fee will be added for credit or debit card payments. 750 mg bottles are $98 cash or a $2 fee if using a card. Each bottle is a 50 day supply.

You can come by my office to purchase or order from my online website. Online prices are the same price after shipping as they cost in my office. For more info and pricing on pet oils and face creams, go to my website:


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