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This unsolicited testimonial is for an amazing nutritionist in ABQ, Christy Dafter. I consulted Christy while on vacation for one month in ABQ. Christy was skilful and accurate in her scientific assessment during my live blood analysis. I tell all my friends, it was the best $60 I ever spent. At 40 and following breast cancer, I had been trying to get my health in order and it wasn’t until spending time with Christy that I got clear what supplements I needed to restore my body and blood to optimal health. I am so grateful to Christy for her understanding manner, skilful assessment, and exceptional service. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Dr Sue Miller, Energy Healing Psychologist



Jen Snead“I thought that I was being healthy with my life (diet, exercise, stress management), but I was still feeling really tired all the time, and having a lot of anxiety issues. I decided to go to Christy for a live blood exam before looking into pharmaceutical antidepressants/antianxiety medications. I am so glad that I did! Within a few minutes of looking at my blood sample, Christy was able to tell that most of my energy and anxiety issues came from blood sugar levels. She recommended a course of supplements and some small modifications to my diet. One year later I have much more energy, and much less anxiety. Christy has taught me so much about how my body responds to diet and stress.”

-Jennifer Snead



image“I was impressed with the information, especially around finding sugar crystals in my blood! Thankfully it was not anything of concern, but having a family history of diabetes, this was most useful to know. Separately, I was impressed with your availability and willingness to work with my crazy schedule!”



– Claudia Infante



pricsilla“I went to Christy in March of 2015 to see if she could help me naturally cure the h-pylori I was diagnosed with. I  had been on antibiotic after antibiotic and only getting worse. Seeking holistic health care was my last resort, and I was a bit skeptical it would even work. I am happy to say after less than two months, my stomach has not felt this well in years. I believe that I am cured! I feel amazing! I am starting to have energy like never before. I used to have to drink 5 hour energy shots just to get through my day at work. I don’t have to do that anymore. I am so excited. I can’t wait for my live blood analysis follow up. ”

– Priscilla Moya



carolyn“I went to Christy for my live blood analysis the end of March 2015 and she gave a protocol to follow. I was feeling just out of sorts, not right inside. I just knew something was wrong & my Doctors were not helping. I kept going for different blood tests & some things were found but still not feeling well. Through the protocol I have been following I am feeling much, much better. I have some energy now & not so down. I will also be going back for my follow up in 10 weeks to be sure I got all that needs to be taken care of done. And then will continue to go in as needed. Blessings to you Christy, thank you for helping me.”

– Carolyn Ruiz



mona ride“Having bad digestion, a slow metabolism and overall lethargy caused me to see Christy Dafter for a live blood analysis. After nearly a year, my energy has increased, my bloating and digestion have gotten much better. See Christy to change your life. I am glad that I did!”


– Mona Ramlawi


Anita1“I went to Christy to get my blood analyzed because I was having digestive problems, bloating, heartburn, etc. It was amazing what it shows with just one drop of blood. She didn’t just tell me what was wrong with me, but showed me what everything meant and explained in dept what I needed to take to get back on track. I learned a lot and will go back to do a follow up to make sure I get back to normal. I have no more bloating or heart burn since I started taking the supplements. I have lost a few lbs and feeling very good. Thank you Christy!”

– Anita Harmon


Jennifer“Seeing is believing – and that’s exactly what I got with the live blood analysis that Christy performed.  Finally, I could see what dehydration looked like in my body, or my need for probiotics to undo a past with antibiotics, or how my daily habit of reaching into the candy dish at work impacts my body.  Now, I have a baseline and a visual of where I am today – which is a powerful motivator to create the healthy body and mind that I am working towards.  THANK YOU Christy for your passion and expertise!  To health and happiness!”

– Jennifer Kelly



Nicholas “New Mexico Live Blood Analysis showed me what my blood looks like and

taught me how to improve it for better health and fitness. Thanks Christy Dafter!”

– Nicholas Juskiewicz




Liana“Christy, the the analysis you did for me was so insightful! I made the necessary

changes and I’m feeling so good! Thank you.”

– Liana Hussein






Julie “It’s fascinating to learn, through an analysis, all that the blood is doing for the body, and what an effect our everyday choices can have. Christy has an excellent knowledge of diet and nutritional aids, and she is inspiring company to have on the road to better health!”
 – Julie England

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